Deirdre "DK" Hirner

For Cole County Prosecutor 


• To provide transparency in the day-to-day operations of the office.

• To join the tide of strong women on the ticket this year.  

• To secure sufficient resources, including but not limited to professional training, so all in the Office of the Prosecutor can perform at the highest levels. 

To be outcome driven, to be justice driven, with success measured by an increased percentage of conviction rate, not simply by the number of cases filed regardless of the strength of evidence. 

What We're Fighting For

• To give the people of the county a prosecutor who all citizens can trust.

• To advocate for victims of crimes, who are not always treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. 

• To utilize alternatives to incarceration for drug users, juveniles, and veterans, and work with courts to seek treatment for those offenders. 

• To ensure partisan politics has no place in our county justice system. 


" I have known DK for over 25-years. I first knew her as my father's Policy Director, when he was Lt. Governor. Observing her long career in state government, higher education and as executive director of non-profit organizations, I can attest that her professionally independent, non-partisan decision making experience makes her the best candidate of any party for Cole County Prosecuting Attorney. She will be tough, but fair.  I offer my strongest possible endorsement for DK."

Russ Carnahan

Former Congressman

" I have known DK for many years. In fact she worked as my Deputy Chief of  Staff while I was Governor.  And, I am pleased to endorse her for Cole County Prosecuting Attorney.  I am confident that under her tenure, the Prosecutor's Office will be open and accessible to all.  I also believe,  given her independent nature and strength of  character, that the Office will be free from partisan pandering."

Governor Bob Holden

Immediately after I was elected Lt. Governor of Illinois, I chose DK to be my Chief of Staff because of her reputation for exceptional organizational and managerial skills. I also knew that DK had her heart in the right place and cared for people who were often overlooked. Since the Office had been vacant for two-years, DK had to secure office space and equipment, restore a budget line and recruit and train a whole new staff. She wisely counseled me and kept me abreast of the issues involved with my statutory responsibilities. I strongly endorse her for Cole County Prosecutor.

Lt. Governor Sheila Simon

Elect DK Hirner

DK needs YOUR help to keep fighting for ALL.

Let's make Cole County safety our top priority!


I will be fair in deciding who, how and when to prosecute; and in seeking punishment for crimes supported strongly by the evidence. I will support those working in the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, striving to meet their educational and resource needs. And, I will fight for victims of crimes.


I will make community safety my priority, working with law enforcement officials to prosecute violent offenders and drug traffickers. I will work with the courts when alternatives to incarceration such as treatment programs are available to drug users, juveniles, and veterans. I will be justice-driven, with success measured by an increased percentage of convictions rate, not simply by the number of cases filed regardless of the strength of evidence.


I am sufficiently experienced to know what I don’t know. I have had a successful career in state government, higher education and non-profit organizations. I have initiated and analyzed bills, statutes, codes, rules and policies at the state and county levels. I have built staff teams, managed and budgeted for organizations, leading them to their optimal performance.

Elect DK Hirner


Let's make Cole County safety our top priority!

Why DK Hirner?

DK Hirner has the experience and organizational skills to improve the Office of the Prosecutor, and work more effectively and fairly with law enforcement and the courts to make our community safer, especially from violent offenders and drug traffickers.  

Elect DK Hirner


Let's make Cole County safety our top priority!

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